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                          --- LUMINOSITY Inc. ---

Embrace your luminosity.

Believe in the power of photography, video, and design, and let's rise to the next stage together. We envision and create a rich and sustainable future.


A term used to describe a "luminous body" or the bright light emitted by a celestial body or object.

Cameras, like the human eyes, usually cannot capture dark objects.  It captures objects that are bathed in light and reflected.

To put it the other way around, the image in the photograph is the light after it has been emitted or reflected.

Lumina City hopes to use the power of photography and video to collect any kind of light and help convey joy and excitement to future generations.


CEO Takuya Shima

Known as “SHIMA,” in Japan, Takuya was born and raised in Tokyo but considers himself a citizen of the world at heart.  His work has enabled him to share images and stories from across the globe.  The inspiration he gains from the people, places and journeys he has encountered pour directly into his photography and film work. They are raw, beautiful, and passionate and tell a story that is truly unique at its core.



Fashion, beauty, portraits, models, actors, celebrities, promotional materials, athletes, sports team, company photography, business portrait, Television, drama, movie still photography, live performances, events, concert photography, product introductions, food, salons, cafes, Store photography, furniture, real estate architectural photography, family photography, Xmas card photography, maternity photography, wedding photography, new born photography, pet photography, memory photography


● Design:

Catalogs, brand logos, business cards, flyers, merchandise (T-shirts, pin badges, tumblers, etc.)


same as photography. and also planning and production of video content, direction, store introduction shooting and editing according to the customer and budget. We will organize the best team for you.



We will provide direction and proposals related to visuals, and help create a brand that can be trusted and empathized.



Japanese to English - English to Japanese translation

We also accept requests for domestic or overseas business trips / negotiations with japanese clients.

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